Update 4 June 2013: Links to speaker slides and videos have been added; scroll down.

Format: To accommodate the number of great talks that
we’ll see this year, we’re going to hold two parallel tracks in the
afternoon of each day. The more in-depth presentations will happen during
single-track sessions in the mornings.

Lightning Talks: By popular demand, we’re holding two
lightning talk sessions, one at the end of each day. Signup will happen
onsite, first come, first served. It’s a great way to share your idea,
project, or piece of work with the community in an efficient manner (each
person gets a maximum of 3 minutes, no exceptions).

Registration: The registration desk will open at 7:30am on
Saturday and at 8.30am on Sunday. Please stop by to pick up your badge,
t-shirt, etc.

Day 1: 11 May 2013

Presenter Track 1 Title Presenter Track 2 Title
9:00 Alexander Verl, Director of Fraunhofer IPA Welcome [video]
9:15 Brian Gerkey Opening remarks [video]
9:30 Sachin Chitta, Ioan Sucan Keynote: MoveIt! [slides][video]
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Armin Hornung 3D Mapping with OctoMap [slides][video]
11:40 Vincent Rabaud Object Recognition Kitchen [slides][video]
12:20 Lunch
13:50 Luc Guyot, Olivier Michel Using ROS with Webots [slides][video] Daniel Stonier ROS Extrospection – Multimaster and Beyond [slides][video]
14:10 Michael Karg, Pierrick Koch Introducing the MORSE simulator [slides][video] Austin Hendrix Networking for ROS Users [slides][video]
14:30 Michael Fritscher From simulation to real robots [slides][video] Daniel Saur, Dominik Kirchner Reliable Robotics – ROS Diagnostics++ [slides][video]
14:50 Hugo Boyer CloudSim: your own ROS robot army in the cloud [slides][video] Tully Foote Taking advantage of tf2 in single and multi-robot cases [slides][video]
15:10 Coffee Break
15:40 Kamilo Melo Modular Snake ROS [slides][video] Thomas Roehr, Sylvain Joyeux ROS and Rock: mixing Orocos components and ROS nodes into model-driven toolchain [slides][video]
16:00 Lukas Bulwahn Autonomous Driving needs ROS! [slides] Alexander Bubeck Improve your ROS code with Model-Driven-Engineering and save development time while doing it [slides][video]
16:20 Brian Julian, Michael Carroll Project AUTOMATE at MIT Lincoln Laboratories [slides][video] Chad Rockey Android sensors driver [slides][video]
16:40 Transition
16:45 Lightning Talks [slides][video]
17:30 End
18:00 Departure to social event (load onto buses by 17:45)

Day 2: 12 May 2013

Presenter Track 1 Title Presenter Track 2 Title
9:00 TBD Opening remarks [video]
9:05 Brandon Alexander Creating web-enabled robots with Robot Web Tools [slides][video]
9:45 Aaron Blasdel RQT Framework and Best Practices [slides][video]
10:25 Coffee Break
10:55 Dirk Thomas, William Woodall Understanding and using Catkin [slides][video]
11:35 Ingo Lutkebohle, Tim Niemueller Robot Performance Analysis from Automatically Recorded Data [slides][video]
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Jihoon Lee Turtlebot 2 – the new standard hardware reference platform [slides][video] Shaun Edwards ROS-Industrial, An Open Source Case Study [slides][video]
14:05 Melonee Wise ROSifying Robots: Tips, Tricks, and Lesson Learned [slides][video] Erik Nieves Why Industrial Robot Manufacturers Should Care About ROS [slides][video]
14:25 Roberto Guzmán Diana Real world indoor & outdoor navigation experiences with ROS [slides][video] William D. Smart, Carlos Jensen, Lance Albertson, Jonathan Bohren The ROS Ecosystem: How are We Doing? [slides][video]
14:45 Richard Bormann Hi Richard – Personalize your Robot with the cob_people_perception stack [slides][video] Dirk Thomas The next (big) step for the ROS middleware [slides][video]
15:05 Coffee Break
15:35 Martino Migliavacca, Andrea Zoppi uROSnode – running ROS on microcontrollers [slides][video] Stephen Brawner Converting SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies to ROS Friendly Files [slides][video]
15:55 Morgan Quigley Bridging ROS to Embedded Systems: A Survey [slides][video] Tully Foote Roles and Responsibilities of a Package Maintainer [slides][video]
16:15 Nikolai Ensslen Introducing rosc [slides][video] Mohanarajah Gajamohan Understanding the RoboEarth Cloud [slides][video][demo video]
16:35 Transition
16:45 Lightning Talks [slides][video]
17:45 Closing Remarks
18:00 End

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