Videos: See below for links to videos of the presentations.

Registration: The registration desk will open at 8am on Saturday and at 8.30am on Sunday.  Please stop by to pick up your badge, t-shirt, etc.

Day 1: 19 May 2012

Presenter Title
9.15 Brian Gerkey Opening Remarks [video]
9.30 Morgan Quigley Keynote: ROS: Past, present, and future [video part 1][part 2]
10.30 Break
11.00 David Lu!! URDF and You [video] [slides]
11.45 Ioan Sucan, Sachin Chitta Motion Planning in ROS [video]
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Damon Kohler Introduction to rosjava [video] [slides]
2.45 John Hsu, Nate Koenig The Gazebo Simulator as a Development Tool in ROS [video] [slides]
3.30 Break
4.00 Jonathan Gammell, Chi Hay Tong Using ROS on Field Robotic Experiments in Remote Locations [video]
4.20 Armin Hornung ROS for Humanoid Robots [video] [slides]
4.40 William Woodall “Moe” The Autonomous Lawnmower [video] [slides]
5.00 Lightning Talks [video]
6 Fin

Day 2: 20 May 2012

Presenter Title
9.15 Matt Williamson Opening Remarks [video]
9.30 Stephen W. Hart Keynote: Architecting Real-time Control of Robonaut 2 using ROS and Orocos [video]
10.30 Break
11.00 Tully Foote Understanding tf [video] [slides]
11.45 Jeff Rousseau The current state and future of multi-master, multi-robot systems using ROS [video]
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Chad Rockey Writing Hardware Drivers [video] [slides]
2.45 Patrick Mihelich Understanding the Kinect [video]
3.30 Break
4.00 Daniel Stonier ROS on Windows [video] [slides]
4.20 Melonee Wise The ROS wiki how to make the best use of it [video] [slides]
4.40 Benjamin Pitzer Measuring and Tracking Code Quality in ROS [video]
5.00 Bill Smart Teaching Robotics with ROS: Experiences, Suggestions, and Tales of Woe [video]
5.20 Sarah Osentoski (given by Benjamin Pitzer) Robot Web Applications [video]
5.40 Michael Carroll Using Open Sound Control Hardware and Software with ROS [video] [slides]
6.00 Ryan Gariepy Closing Remarks [video]

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